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Pets need Celtic Sea Salt® Brand salt, too! We’ve heard from dozens of customers who report that supplementing their pets’ diet with Celtic Sea Salt® Brand salt made tremendous improvements in the pet’s health. Simply add a tiny pinch to your pet’s water, using more for large animals and less for small ones.

Use the therapeutic power of Celtic Sea Salt® – Natural Sea Energy Minerals™ to pamper and detoxify your animals.


Mineral salts are responsible for the transfer of the energy running through the substances and organisms in animals and plants.
• Modern science has demonstrated that our animals, soil, and plants are deficient in key nutrients.
• Scientists support that mineral deficiencies
are the principal cause to more diseases,
rapid aging, sickness to humans, animals,
and soil.
A large number of nutrition-conscious veterinarians are now recommending supplementing animals’ diets with small amounts of sea salt, to provide:
• Substantial mineral nutrient absorption, such as magnesium, for optimum health and vitality
• Balanced pH levels
• Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti- parasitic attributes.

Selina Naturally Celtic Sea Salt

SKU: 0011
  • Celtic Sea Salt® - "The Original Brand" - is authentic, unprocessed, gourmet, whole salt packed full of naturally occurring, essential minerals. Absolutely no additives or anything removed from the salt that would alter it.

    Celtic Sea Salt® is our company’s brand name and trademark, since 1976. Celtic Sea Salt® stands for Quality and Trust. At Selina Naturally®, Home of the Celtic Sea Salt® Brand, we guarantee you will receive a wholesome product that is raw, unrefined, quality certified and Kosher.

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