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Cool Muscle Wash (CMW) is designed to relieve the stress of overworked muscles, specifically for a horse’s legs, hocks, and back.


The most popular item among horse owners and massage therapist’s is our Cool Muscle Wash. A product made for horses however; people are enjoying the benefits as well.

Cool Muscle Wash (CMW) is designed to relieve the stress of overworked muscles, specifically for a horse’s legs, hocks, and back. We recommend using it before wraps, after workouts and during stretching exercises. I use it during my Aromatherapy pressure point treatments to help my equine clients relax and loosen stiff joints and muscles. I have seen great improvement and greater mobility after a treatment.

“Non-drying and highly aromatic. Effective full strength as a message aid or for minor strains and sprains. Excellent as a body wash.”

– Horse Journal
Our customers have been very creative about “other “uses for the product… some examples:


Massage therapist use it for servicing their human and equine clients. We have been told that it seems to help with deep tissue work and muscle relaxation.


A woman in Kansas used it on her horse after two days of going to events. She sprayed it on his back and covered him with a blanket. The next morning he was soft and loose in his back where he is normally cold and flat. A man in Minnesota used it to unlock stiff stifles before a big dressage show. Many of our customers use it on themselves to reduce swelling and inflammation of arthritic joints or injuries. One woman in Iowa uses it to “sweat“ the neck of her halter horse. She claims it does not burn the horse and will not change the color of her palomino.


Many riders use it to lower the body temperature of their horse, and them selves on very hot days or heavy workouts.


What makes it so versatile and how does it work?

The secret is a proprietary blend of therapeutic grade essential oils in a base of soothing witch hazel. The essential oils work together to create a “synergy” (combined energy) and allows it to be used in many therapeutic ways. Each oil has properties based on the components found in the plant from which the oil is derived. These properties provide the benefits of relief that many are experiencing. Cool Muscle Wash has a refreshing minty fragrance that people and horses find appealing. Mentally, it energizes, helps focus and concentration. Emotionally it is uplifting, helps fight mild depression and apathy.


The alchemy and chemistry or the Art and Science of aromatherapy are the foundation of Equi-Spa products, which are all made with PURE pesticide free ingredients.

Cool Muscle Wash Comes in a 32 oz bottle

Equi-Spa Cool Muscle Wash

  • The maker of Equi-Spa, Sherie Vermeer has been an aroma therapist for the last 20 years, practicing on human clientele before focusing on the benefits of essential oils for horses. In 2002 West Nile was migrating from east to west, leaving in its wake many fatalities. Horses, humans and dogs alike were impacted by this disease. Listening to the advice of the media, she used DEET products on herself, her family and just about anything that didn’t run away. She experienced a very negative reaction to DEET, so she made her own blend of essential oils to protect her family from the effects of West Nile. Sherie was not comfortable using harsh chemicals on her horses, so she tried many of the “natural” insect repellents for horses. She found them to be ineffective. Sherie felt they were either not strong enough or the plant oils were not pure grade. She tried her “human” formula on her horses and noticed not only did it work for flies and mosquitoes, but their attitude was calmer, they were less sluggish, warmed up faster, and their coats were getting more and more healthy. She threw out all of my old grooming products and created all new products for use on my horses. They absolutely glowed! That is how Equi-Spa products were born.


    Aromatherapy is based on the beneficial properties of plants and flowers. Essential oils contain concentrated amounts of the beneficial compounds found in plants and are extracted though various methods. Aromatherapy is considered complimentary to traditional horse care methods. In the wild, horses can forage for plants to keep their systems in balance. Domesticated horses have limited access to a broad range of forage and depend on us to provide for most all of their needs. Aromatherapy is a means of enhancing the quality of care we provide. Horses respond dramatically well to essential oils, recognizing the most beneficial for their individual needs. Equi-Spa products address these special needs and was formulated to work harmoniously with the PH levels of the skin and coat, protecting the natural oils that keep them in a healthy balance.