Disclaimer:  All therapies mentioned herein is a non-invasive modality intended to enhance well-being  in the healthy horse (or dog) – it is not designed to replace proper veterinary care.  If in doubt regarding the physical health of your horse, please consult your veterinarian.

JRs staff will NOT treat an injured horse (or dog) without a veterinarian approval. The FDA has not evaluated the statements made throughout this website. JRs Equine Spa & Retreat’s services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Individuals with questions or concerns regarding any medical or other condition should consult a health care professional. Use of this site or our products are subject to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.


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Horses are designed to move and graze most of the day. Many horses are not exercising enough to keep their body at its maximum performance, leading to many medical problems including colic and laminitis.


This machine incorporates as much free movement as possible for our horses.Horses are put in this free moving exerciser where we can adjust the speed and direction accordingly. Due to the fact that the horse is not being pulled along, but moves at his natural pace, he is able to relax and stretch his top line, so increasing the elasticity of his muscles. With top class footing, we can also use our Eurociser for fitness programs, incorporating walk, trot and canter, or we can create an interval training program adapted for each horse’s individual needs.



•Safety (nowhere to get stuck and injured)
•Sufficient room allows the horse to relax and feel free
•Wood chips provide consistent footing
•Routine can be established to help train