EquiSense Motion S

MOTION S can be rented for $10 per hour.


The EquiSense Motion S allows us to monitor the heart rate of horses in training and rehabilitation.  The Equisense sensor is the connected device for equestrian sports which allows you to record your training sessions and thus follow your progress. It is able to record the horse’s movements and sends the data to the Equisense App which you can access right from your smartphone. You can analyze your training sessions and even your competitions in order to make progress and ensure your horse’s well-being. and t of the horse both during training and competition. The sensor sends data to the Equisense App which you can access right from your smartphone.

Brief description:
     - you can attach the sensor to any type of girth
     - it starts to record the session automatically as soon as the horse moves
     - the data is transferred to your smartphone via Bluetooth
     - you can share your data with your coach, other riders, or even your vet to keep them informed about your horse’s training state
     - set reminders for your horse's care (like vaccinations or shoeing)
     - icing on the cake: it warns you if a lameness is detected

The sensor also provides a precise analysis of your jumping courses, your dressage tests or any other exercise.
In conclusion, the sensor is the new essential training tool for all riders!

The time has come for you to make reaching 
your goals easier than it's ever been!  


Measure your horse's heart rate while training
to prepare for the biggest show in the season!


Monitor your horse's heart rate and see 
how much it improves on difficult exercises!


Make sure you get the best care for your horse by regularly 
measuring the heart rate and tracking your rides using the GPS!

⏩ Why is heart rate monitoring important?

Being aware of your horse's heart rate will allow you to:
✅ determine whether your horse is healthy or not
✅ adjust the intensity level you train your horse at
✅ follow the evolution of your horse's physical condition
✅ see how you and your horse progress 📈

⏩ What is Motion S?

Motion S is a new 2019 product. It includes the locomotion analysis and the exercises already included in Equisense Motion, and it brings the heart rate and the GPS to the table 😍

Motion S is the result of 2 years of R&D work by the EquiSense team, bringing together cutting-edge algorithms for ultra-high accuracy results, a selection of quality materials which will hold against time (weather and years!), meticulously selected for the best results, a well-integrated design keeping you, the rider, in mind, as well as your day-to-day use. 
EqueSense has not cut any corners and introduces you to a high-performance sensor, comfortable for both horse and rider. 


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