Disclaimer:  All therapies mentioned herein is a non-invasive modality intended to enhance well-being  in the healthy horse (or dog) – it is not designed to replace proper veterinary care.  If in doubt regarding the physical health of your horse, please consult your veterinarian.

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The equine cold saltwater spa is a vital treatment for reducing inflammation in lower leg injuries and accelerating the body’s natural healing processes. Spa therapy can help treat injured tendons, ligaments, shins, hooves, wounds, cuts and bruises. The spa can also be used on a regular basis as a preventative measure for reducing the risk of injuries. When an injury is swollen, it cannot heal properly until swelling is reduced and controlled. By reducing swelling and encouraging damaged tissues to begin repairing, spa therapy triggers the start of the healing process. Once initial swelling is reduced, continued spa treatments can control any further swelling that may interfere with healing. Regular use of the spa can greatly reduce everyday stresses and strains that could develop into more serious injuries.